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Anton MullerPassion for the African Bush

It all began with the love one man had for the African bush. His passion drove him to become a game ranger in the Kruger Park. Exposing is sons from an early age to the splendor of Africa.

After completing his adventure filled career as game ranger, he continued to build on his love for the bush and shared his enormous wealth of knowledge with is two sons, Coenie and Anton jr.

Preserving the natural habitat

Aquiring a piece of land in the early 1980’s for the purpose of farming maize, their love of the bush compelled them to preserve. This passion drove them not to take out prestine bush but to set it aside for conservation.

Later expanding their property and continuing to preserve the natural state of the bush they reintroduced antelope that previously roamed free here.

A Team Effort

This love and dedication set the scene for what was to become a jewel of untouched African bush where an abundance of African game thrive.

The Muller Team, Anton, Coenie and Anton jr maintain conservation through utilization. To hunt here at Savanna is indeed a priviledge.

Anton Muller as game ranger in the Kruger National Park. The buffalo bull was shot after several hours of tracking on foot after one of the park rangers reported that the buffalo had a snare around it's neck.

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